Audi S4 B5 2000-2002

Audi S4 B5 2000-2002
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Billet K04 RS4+ hybrid Turbos
Hybrid RS4 turbos capable of up to 420whp on 91oct to 500whp on e85/race.  These are ..
Ex Tax: $1,799.00
Billet RS6 K24 hybrid Turbos
Hybrid rs6 turbos capable of over 500whp on 91oct to 600+whp on e85/race. Wheel sizes stamped on hou..
Ex Tax: $1,999.00
0025/0026 Upgraded K04 CHRA
Standard pjk04 CHRA using upgraded thrust and journal bearings.  These carry a one year warrant..
Ex Tax: $299.00
2.7T 1 Bar Wastegate Upgrade
2.7T 1 Bar Wastegate Upgrade ..
Ex Tax: $199.00
2.7T Catback Exhaust
2.7T Catback Exhaust for B5 S4 ..
Ex Tax: $450.00
2.7T Down Pipes RS4 & RS6
2.7T Down Pipes available in various configurations WITH UNIVERSAL FLANGES! ..
Ex Tax: $279.00
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2.7T Exhaust Headers
2.7T Exhaust Headers made from 304 schedule 10 stainless, lifetime warranty.  Flow testing has ..
Ex Tax: $899.00
2.7T Girdle
We are pleased to offer a billet STEEL girdle for the 2.7T platform that not only fits correctl..
Ex Tax: $999.00
2.7T Side Mount Shrouds
2.7T Side Mount Shrouds made from black fiber glass.  These are hand made in the USA (unlike mo..
Ex Tax: $175.00
2.7T SRM Billet Fuel Rails ..
Ex Tax: $149.99
2.7T turbo oil feed lines
2.7T turbo oil feed lines with 1800F insulation to prevent oil cokeing from close proximity to exhau..
Ex Tax: $149.99
All aluminum y pipe hand made, smoothed transition inside to ensure optimal air flow. Measures 3.5″ ..
Ex Tax: $499.00
Devils Own Audi S4 kit
Devils Own Audi S4 kit.  This is a turn key kit including 2 nozzles and nozzle holders with the..
Ex Tax: $399.00
Modified Intake Manifold S4 RS4 Hemi
  Send us your stock IM (125$ core charge option available refunded on return of IM) for enl..
Ex Tax: $300.00
SRM Turbo inlet piping kit
SRM Turbo inlet piping kit.  Designed to be used with our Billet RS6 turbos. ..
Ex Tax: $159.00
Universal Turbo Flanges, fits both rs4 and rs6 ..
Ex Tax: $79.00