Ball Bearing RS6 K24 hybrid Turbos

Ball Bearing RS6 K24 hybrid Turbos

Ball Bearing RS6 K24 hybrid Turbos

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Hybrid rs6 turbos capable of over 500whp on 91oct to 650+whp on e85/race.  THIS PRODUCT IS FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY.  One year LIMITED warranty.  New Oil feed lines ARE NOW INCLUDED FREE! Specific high quality synthetic oil must be used with a high zinc content(warranty void with anything less)  We provide a list of acceptable oils.  Work must be performed by a professional, certified mechanic.  Warranty may be refused at seller's discretion if upon inspection, failure is the result of improper installation, overspeeding and/or oil starvation.  All turbos are inspected, pressure tested and deemed working correctly prior to shipping using our IN HOUSE VSR balancer.  Make sure your turbo manufacturer who claims to be building turbos, has a VSR in house.

Oil guidelines for Warranty - Please select an oil highlighted in yellow Oil List

Below freezing 10w-30

Above freezing 20w-50

SRM2863 - 650-675WHP 

SRM2867 - 700-750WHP

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