SRM850 4.0TFSI Turbo Kit

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The new benchmark 

in street performance 

for the 4.0TFSI 


Drop in package that includes everything you need to make up to 850WHP.

  • SRM850 Billet Turbochargers for 4.0TFSI
  • Upgraded Exhaust Manifolds with Turbine Housing for 4.0TFSI
  • SRM Port Injection Spacer Kit for 4.0TFSI
  • SRM Intakes for 4.0TFSI 
  • LPFP Upgrade for 4.0TFSI
  • Ethanol Sensor and Lines Kit for Flex Fuel
  • W2A to Throttle Body Intake Spacer
  • Tial Wastegate Actuators for 4.0TFSI
  • Software Calibration for DS1


This kit has consistently tested at 800-850WHP on our in house Heartbreaker Mustang Dyno, which is well over 900WHP DynoJet, all while spooling up before 4000RPM and pulling hard to redline for the ultimate street car.

1708642885409.png838WHP@744WTQ Mustang Dyno

SRM850 Billet Turbochargers

Our SRM850 Billet Turbochargers are the newest and latest iteration of our +4 Turbochargers which have been proven for years on the 4.0TFSI platform to make good, reliable and responsive power. 

Extremely fast spool up with a large enough compressor wheel to flow up to 850WHP in the SRM850 package. 

Engineering, Finish Machining, Final Assembly and QC at our production facility in Nevada, USA.

1708643157279.pngSRM850 Turbochargers

SRM 4.0TFSI Exhaust Manifold with 

Integrated Turbine Housing

Our Upgraded Exhaust manifolds with Integrated Turbine Housings alleviate cylinder 5 miss-fire issues due to excessive back-pressure often experienced by people running stock exhaust manifolds and allow the engine to exhale freely thereby alleviating the major bottleneck in the 4.0TFSI engine. 

The upgraded exhaust manifolds are an integral part in the SRM850 kit allowing the package to reach such high power output by flowing significantly more than the factory exhaust manifolds without sacrificing the extremely responsive spool that the 4.0TFSI is known for. 

These same exhaust manifolds are proven well over 1000WHP on flagship and development vehicles and are the result of years of development. 

Engineering, Final Assembly and QC at our Production Facility in Nevada, USA.

1708643120872.png4.0TFSI Manifolds with Turbine Housing

SRM 4.0TFSI Port Injection Kit

Our Proprietary Port Injection Kit enables the SRM850 Package to run up to E100 and provides fuelling far beyond what the factory DI system is capable of. 

This port injection kit utilizes injection sandwich plates between the factory air duct and factory intake manifold for a drop in solution. 

Below we see the difference Port Injection makes on the SRM850 kit. The DI system topped out at 694WHP Mustang and our PI system allowing the kit to make 818WHP Mustang on this run on e60, and it is capable of flowing even more than this kit requires giving adequate overhead.

Engineering, Production, Assembly and QC at our Production Facility in Nevada, USA.

1708643879932.png4.0TFSI Port Injection Kit

1708642996040.pngPort Injection Upgrade (Faint Line) versus Direct Injection Only (Dark Line)

SRM 4.0TFSI Intakes

Our Proven SRM Intakes are a requirement, allowing the Turbochargers to breathe well and are a significant upgrade over the stock intakes which are a known bottleneck on this platform due to their restrictive design.

Engineering, Production, Assembly and QC at our Production Facility in Nevada, USA.


SRM 4.0TFSI Intakes

SRM 4.0TFSI LPFP Upgrade

Essential to deliver enough fuel to the Factory Direct Injection and Port Injection System to achieve these power levels is the SRM 4.0TFSI LPFP Upgrade. 

Proven dual LPFP solution that we have offered for years. These kits are extremely reliable and provide the heavy lifting for fueling the SRM850 package.

Engineering, Production, Assembly and QC at our Production Facility in Nevada, USA.


SRM 4.0TFSI LPFP Upgrade

Flex Fuel Lines and Sensor

To enable Flex Fuel use on the 4.0TFSI, the flex fuel lines and sensors are required. This with DS1 allows the kit to utilize flex fuel.

Engineering, Production, Assembly and QC at our Production Facility in Nevada, USA.


Flex Fuel Sensor Kit and Fuel Lines

Throttle Body Spacer

The 4.0TFSI Throttle Body Spacer protects the W2A Intercooler Plastic from premature failure

Engineering, Production and QC at our Production Facility in Nevada, USA.


Throttle Body Spacer

Tial Wastegate Actuators and 

Bracket for 4.0TFSI

Upgraded Tial Wastegate Actuators and Billet Bracket for 4.0TFSI to replace the weaker factory wastegate actuators


Tial Wastegate Actuators

DS1 Software Calibration

Before today the standard in the 4.0TFSI community has been piecing together parts that then require custom tuning which is a headache and has mixed results. 

Hardware variance and lack of access to a Dyno for most custom tunes provides limited and inconsistent results. Dealing with custom tuners can be time consuming and expensive. Tuning without a Dyno and a tuner present to monitor the vehicle can be dangerous and expensive. 

We have addressed these issues based on feedback from our Customers and the Community in the SRM850 package by packaging the kit with a hardened calibration developed on our development vehicles on our in house Mustang Dyno. When you use the SRM850 kit, the calibration is already done. The tune is hardened and ready to use out of the box.

It's as simple as it is powerful.

Flex Fuel Capability

Our Flex Fuel System, Port Injection System, and LPFP upgrade, when used with DS1, allow you to fill up any ethanol percentage from E0-E100. 

No more worrying about overstressing your fuel system with high ethanol concentrations. This kit addresses fuel flow completely, allowing you to just fill up with Flex Fuel and enjoy your car. 

Simply fill up with any concentration of Ethanol, and the Calibration in conjunction with the hardware will account for your ethanol concentration seamlessly, adjusting power output accordingly to a given concentration of Ethanol.


  • C7 & C7.5 RS7, S7, S6
  • D4 S8/A8 (4.0TFSI)
  • Requires DS1


  • This kit must be used in its entirety!
  • Failure to do so will result in the kit not being eligible for calibration or technical support!
  • Meaning : The kit must be implemented completely, and you are only to omit required parts of the kit if you already have them. Failure to adhere to this will result in you being denied support, calibration, and refund! However, if parts of the kit are omitted accidentally, please contact support and we will help you order them and regain access to calibration and support. If you omit parts of the kit, and an issue arises that could be attributed to the omission of said part in the build, we will ask you for photographs of the parts you omitted in the order installed on the vehicle before proceeding with support.
  • The base of the kit, the SRM850 Turbochargers, SRM850 Exhaust manifold and SRM850 Port Fuel Injection setup is by default part of the SRM850 kit and no substitutions or omissions can be made on the core of the kit.
  • The supporting modifications included in the kit, SRM Intakes, SRM LPFP, Ethanol Lines and Flex Sensor package, W2A Throttle Body Spacer, and Tial Wastegates for the 4.0TFSI, may only be omitted if you already have them! No exceptions!
  • The SRM850 kit REQUIRES a DS1 for calibration. You must already have a DS1, or select one from the add-on menu. 


  • A TCU Tune is HIGHLY Recommended and is available as an add-on
  • Note we recommend a free flowing exhaust as the factory exhaust is restrictive and will reduce the performance of the kit. If you need an upgraded exhaust we offer a Dual 3" Exhaust solution as an add-on upgrade.
  • This kit is for Off Road Use Only and should be installed by a professional.
  • Requires sending in Exhaust Manifolds as cores prior or a core charge of 1000$ will be required


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